Omaima was born 13 July 1946 in Iraq and grew up in a loving family with 4 sisters and a brother. She was born a twin but was the only girl that survived. As a young teen, she loved music, art, clothes and food. She was always performing, decorating, dancing and living in the moment. She simply loved life. This never changed.

Her marriage was a love affair from the start. She adored her husband of 50 years, and he was in love with her till the very end. Everywhere they went, every country they traveled, they were always noticed for their affection towards one another. 

She lived most of her adult life in London, where she raised her family and loved them immensely. She provided a home of deep love, unlimited affection, endless embrace and a bustling kitchen keeping everyone’s belly full. Her parties were the talk of the town, her home was always open and her hospitality was exquisite.

For over ten years, she was a volunteer to feed the poor in London. She would organize food caravans and serve the homeless at St. James’s Church in Marylebone. The night before, she would be dressed in a Valentino dress, Jimmy Choo shoes and a diamond brooch attending a soiree or a dinner party.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” Mother Theresa

She led multiple charity initiatives, especially supporting Iraqi Christians in need. For more than two decades, she hosted dozens of charity events and galas to support families in the community and the church. She also fought in the British courts and advocated to grant asylum in the UK for Iraqi prisoners of war. 

After her husband died in 2007, she channeled her passions and created a new lifestyle persona. Recognized by BBC Food as the ‘Martha Stewart of the Middle East’, she garnered over 300,000 adoring fans on her facebook channel and caught the attention of Yahoo! She signed a contract to produce her own online lifestyle series of home décor, floral design and food. The show was an instant hit.

Happy 75th Birthday Mum!

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She spent much of her later years in Monaco, where she loved the seaside and the elegant simplicity.  She was immediately welcomed and warmly received by the local residents, known as ‘La Petite Dame, Madame Marmarchi’. 

Wherever she went, whoever she visited from any walk of life, she made a lasting impact. 


The last year, she moved to Dubai to be closer to her sons and grandchildren. She was delighted to be surrounded by love and her own family once more. Due to the current pandemic, she was unable to host her friends and arrange gatherings, but found solace in fitness training, reading, netflix and connecting with friends online. She decorated her home with the intention of filling it with family and friends and was looking forward to living it up once more. God had a different plan. On 29th June 2021, Omaima, sadly passed away due to surgical complications.  

Omaima lit up any room she entered, lifted anyone she saw was down, inspired many people from different ages to have faith in God and was a shoulder to lean on for dozens of families through hardships, basking in the glory of helping others. Omaima was a woman full of life until the day she passed, dancing and moving to the beat of music, singing along any melody, brightening up everyone’s mood and always connecting with people through love and faith.